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Toby Keiths Record label on Twitter

"That looks like our good friend Mike".
"We get those questions frequently!" " We think it's great. You do a great job". "You represent him well! And you guys do look as though you could be...


-Toby Keiths, actual guitar player in response to a fan question about us)

He Plays with a really Great Toby Keith Tribute band.

Rich Eckhardt and Toby Keith
Kevin Walker

Sylvia G (Mott College)


Mike Suggs' performance as Toby Keith was Awesome! He looks and sounds so much like Toby Keith. We especially liked how he interacted with the audience by walking from table to table while performing.

Sandra W.


Hey. You impressed Gary and I so much that we are coming from Petrolia, Ontario Canada to watch you play Oct. 24 at the Toby Keith Bar and Grill. I got my picture taken with you.

Christine B.


He is the best, looks and sings just like the real Toby. Very nice guy he was a great success at my granddaughter's benefit.

Andrea S.

Care Event

Thank you for being present and performing at the I Care event on Saturday. Everyone got a kick out of seeing "Toby" and our event. The crowd enjoyed your performance!! Not only did you make our event more...

Mindy D.


We had a 50th birthday party for my sister-in-law last night, and she is the BIGGEST Toby Keith fan! We Hired Mike to come to perform for us, and he was absolutely AMAZING! When He stepped out of his truck, we couldn't believe how much he looked like him, and when he started to sing- WOW! Just an incredible night, and he made the Party! Very accommodating and a very nice guy! Wish we could've kept him all night! Haha. If anyone is ever looking for entertainment for a function- CALL MIKE! You will not be disappointed! 

Denise S. 

Attendee at Casablanca Casino NV


Last Nights Show was FANTASTIC! 

My Family was in awe of how great your tribute to Toby really is... My grandson and friends want to attend another show one day. 


Craig S.

Can't say enough GREAT things about Mike. Couldnt be happier with the end result. STRONGLY RECOMMEND!

Michael G

The Message was PERFECT!!!! What a great job and a timely delivery... less than 24 hours when requested! Our canadian friends LOVED it! Thank you Mike (AKA Toby)! Highly recommended for TK fans.

Brenda Elkhart IN

He is a dead ringer for Toby, in look, voice, and music. Thank You so much!!! You don't find to many musicians that will take the time out of their day/schedule to do a benefit. Awesome Show!!!

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