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 All Materials on this site are copy written by BDD ENTERTAINMENT. Any use, sharing, or manipulation of materials must be done with the written consent of BDD Entertainment.​​
Acceptable Advertising terms

*The American Ride - Toby Keith Tribute   

*Tribute to Toby Keith

*Toby Keith Tribute ft. Mike  

*Mike as Toby Keith

These are acceptable terms or descriptions for venues and planners to use for advertising the Toby Tribute show. These examples are best when used with a photo of Mike and with the correct band. 

 The "American Ride" band is primarily used in the North East United States and Canada. The "Proceed To Party Band" is used in South East United States areas. Other bands are available for the West Coast, Texas, Oklahoma, and Nashville areas saving on transportation costs and routing availability. Please confirm the Band name and Description prior to advertising.

 Any unaccepted advertising falsely using the name or likeness of the real Toby Keith, his Management, or copywritten materials, causing legal actions by any persons, will be completely and solely the venue and/or booking agent's responsibility. NO LEGAL ACTIONS shall be taken upon BDD Entertainment or its employees. 

 ANY advertising used must not falsely lead or imply any connection to Toby Keith or any third-party affiliation.

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